The Anarchists Are At It Again

I have had very few image thieves lately.  In my last search I found a German anarchist using my images on their blog and on Facebook. The event is a fund raising music event four months from now. The bands have not used my image on any website. The infringes are:

Pien Kabache

I have a sneaking suspicion that these two are the same person. Facebook quickly removed the images but the blog is more of a problem. I used  and discovered that this is hosted by HETZNER this is a conglomerate web server. One of its company is:, which is actually the server for this group.   It is very difficult to find any help or links to support on their site. To use online support one needs to be a customer, nowhere on the sight is there any real help. I call a 800 number. I talked to a tech who gave me the Abuse email.

After a little looking it appears that this is an anonymous group, not affiliated with Anonymous, the Activist group. This group prefers banners and Molotov cocktails. Nice people.

I have sent out a DMCA letter. The event is in November, which make this a rarity. I seldom find these before a scheduled event. I usually find them much later.  Hopefully I have annoyed them as much as they have annoyed me!!

so shame on you:

Pien Kabache

My artwork:



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