Venezuela image thief – Taller Basico


2015 has been a pretty good year. There seems to be fewer image thieves using my artwork without permission. I do image search every week. Up until last night I had only found one, last night I found the second of 2015. This time the thief is Taller Basico of Venezuela. This designer is using two on-line stores which also sell  electronics, home good and fashion which services Colombia, Panama, Peru, Mexico and Chile, and Venezuela. It appears to be similar to Amazon because it is a conglomerate of vendors. I was doing my weekly search of my etching Inquisition: when I discovered that  and were selling my image stolen by Taller Basico on tote bags.


what really irks me is that the second time that this image has been stolen and used on a tote bag. The first incident was a Russian thief. I  contacted this company and I hope to have restitution. They were not helpful.  I got an email directing me to a twitter account. I don’t use twitter. I also tried to buy the item but it looks like there is no option to ship tho the USA. Politics! I have tried to contact them with no luck. So I did some searching and found the designer. I am not sure if this is a male or female but the designer is known as Taller Basico. Facebook – Twitter –

I have sent a several Facebook messages, receiving no reply. I have reluctantly joined Twitter and I have also sent message via Twitter which also have been ignored. I sent Twitter and Facebook removal requests and the images were removed. I also got an email from, they removed the tote bags. They were very apologetic and helpful! I have not heard from yet. I discovered that both of these Venezuelan online stores use servers based in the USA. It is time for a DMCA letter and I will try to get these bags removed from this site as well.

I am appalled by this person. I have send four Facebook messages, and two via twitter. I have received nothing back. This person is either embarrassed, rude or stupid…or maybe all three.

Shame on you Taller Basico!!!!!!!!!


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