Etsy Shop – Print Collage, first thief of 2015

I have a friend who is a photographer, her Etsy store is Gothicrow. Like me, she focuses on crows and ravens. Her photos are brilliant. And like me, she is struggling against image thieves. We often exchange horror stories about people using our artwork for profit. She contacted me about someone on Etsy using her photos for a necklace.

Of course the person never asked permission. So last night I decided to look through Etsy for “crow Necklace”  Within two minutes I had found one of my ravens turned into a necklace.

il_570xN.705001045_b6wy I contacted the seller and of course he claimed ignorance, he said he bought a downloadable image on Etsy of my raven which he assumed was copyright free. He sent me a link to the offenders Etsy store and I found several images which contained my artwork.




These are digital downloads. On the sheets two of my ravens are duplicated several times. The seller sold many copies of these images. What really angers me is the fact that this person regurgitates other peoples images for resale under the misleading impression that all of these images are copyright free. This person did not even take the time to do a copyright search of my image. After browsing their shop I have to wonder how many other copyright violations that person is selling!! Ironically they have a thorough copyright statement which claims that all the images are the property of PRINT COLLAGE.

from their copyright statement: “Claim intellectual or exclusive ownership of any of our images, in their original,
modified and/or altered states. (Translation): “Altering one of our images does not
make it yours!”

awaiting alexander copy My etching “Awaiting Alexander”

So, shame on you PRINT COLLAGE!!


I received an email from PRINT COLLAGE apologizing for the use of my artwork. She paid the total in revenues for each item she sold and deleted the items from her shop.


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