A Religous Group which is less then honest!!

corvo2 copy

I found this use of my artwork recently during one of my many monthly image searches. I found this on a Portuguese Spiritualist website dedicated to the writings of Allan Kardec. Now, normally I would just contact them and ask that they credit my artwork , but this time I noticed that they had used a watermarked image and then tried to obscure the watermark. When I contacted them on Facebook the claimed that they found it in an online search and that there were no credits of copyright notices with the image. The only place I have this brown version of this print is on my Tumblr Blog or on my Etsy page. This infuriates me because they denied that they know who created the image, then they tried to remove the watermark!!! How could they not know who made the image when my name appears on the image and on the web pages from which they took the image. Thier webpage is not user friendly to contact the group so I followed a link to their Facebook group and asked them whey they used a watermarked image. This is their message:

“we pick the image on the internet and the one we used didn’t have any sign related to copyright. We are a Spiritism site and we used the image to ilustrate a piece of work from Allan Kardec (text with the title: The Crow and The Raven).
If you wish, we can remove your image from the work. Thank you very much and very sorry.
Grupo Espírita Allan Kardec.”

clearly they are lying, I expect more from a group of “Spiritualists”

Shame on you Grupo Espírita Allan Kardec http://luzdoespiritismo.com/ http://luzdoespiritismo.com/?attachment_id=8334

below is the image from both my Tumblr Blog and my Etsy page: https://www.etsy.com/listing/174148837/raven-artwork-raven-crow-aesops-fables?ref=shop_home_active_2



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