Spanish “Punk” Juan San Jose, Another Rock Music Event Image Thieft

I searched this image fairly recently and found one Music band using this image on their CD cover. Today I searched it again and found another rock concert used my artwork for a poster without consent!! This event actually happened over a year and a half ago. This image “Vishnu’s Reincarnation” does not get pirated very often.
Today I did an image search with my image with the key work “Punk” and I found my image was used for a concert in Spain in March of 2013. I found It on Facebook fan pages for each of the of the three Bands: Disparo, Princess Mongo and The Rats Bones, and Maldito-Pais. Normally I contact the bands immediately but this time the person who designed the poster added his blog-site to the poster. I went to the blog and it looks like it has been inactive for two years so the poster is not there. But he did have his name on one of his other posters: He is Juan Diogenes and he now is living in Montreal Canada Facebook:
The blog site:




He also was kind enough to add his email: I also did some searching and found a second email for him He has his email on two sites so I think it is fair to say he does not mind having them publicized. He describes himself as an “Illustrator and Graphic Designer”, but I think that he is really just an image thief who is too lazy to do his own artwork. He feels it is just easier to steal it.
When I started this blog I did it as a way to protect my artwork from people who think my artwork is public property. If these people are embarrassed, then I am perfectly happy. If they apologize it usually isn’t because they feel badly, they actually are ashamed that they got caught. I am waiting to hear from Juan. I sent him an email this last evening. I aslo contacted him several time through Facebook. If I do not hear from him by tomorrow morning, I will be contacting each band to inquire more information about Juan San Jose. Then I will have Facebook remove the images.
I am so incredibly aggravated, angry, and frustrated by these people. I sometimes wait a couple days before I post. Usually I send several emails which are ignored but I find that I always get a response once I add a post about the stolen art to the blog. It is amazing how a little public shaming works so well!!!

So…..Shame on you Juan San Jose, Juan Diogenes, “diogenesattack”, or whoever you are!

update: August 5 2014

I have sent  two emails and four Facebook messages to Juan. No reply. I had Facebook remove the image. This guy is a piece of work.

Update: August 8th:

I finally received a response to my emails. His excuse was that someone gave him the image to use. He offered a placid apology.


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