Austrailian Designer Dave Marini steals “Inquisition” twice


Last evening was one for the record books. I found two image thieves in one evening. One was for a concert that happened over a year ago. This image thief is for a concert that has not happened yet. This is the first time I have been able to find one before the event. The image must have just been uploaded onto the Facebook page of one of the bands because I searched this image extensively two days ago and it never came up during my search.

This is an Australian event. The usual  run-around is not happening with this event though. In the past the bands, promoters, and designers play the blame game and I often never find out who is responsible. I got an immediate apologetic message from one of the bands. He said that the poster was designed by a friend of a friend. He sent me the name of the offender and he also offered restitution.  I truly appreciate this kind of sincere apology and honesty, I wish more bands were like Opus of the Machine!!

The “designer” is Dave Marini.

I have sent him two Facebook messages. I have heard nothing back. The band offered payment or a credit on the poster. Since it was supposed to be a free design job, I think that an public apology and a credit will help. I really would like to know what David Marini was thinking.

Shame on you Dave Marini

UPDATE: I received this right after I posted

Hi Larry
I must apologise for using your ravens on the gig poster. The band asked me to throw together something free of charge (posters are just a hobby for me) and I had that image in a folder from ages ago and couldn’t trace the source. I apologise wholeheartedly and guess I’ll have to start again. I do  appreciate the talent and time you put into that image, and understand your frustration at seeing your work appear uncredited. I will pull the poster and start again.
Kindest regards


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