“Diesel’s Artistic Creations”, the Internet is not copyright free …

I would rather be making new artwork but instead I have been wasting my time searching for people using my images.  

When I confront someone who has used my artwork there are two possible outcomes.

  • One is an outright admitting of image thief , recognition of their  mistake and sometimes things end well, especially if the person offers to make it right either though an a honest apology or payment for the artwork.
  • The other is ugly. I find that people who know they have done sometime wrong, they  are the first to insult in retaliation. Some people are either to proud to admit their guilt or to ignorant to understand what they have done wrong.

I am the first to admit that I can be very aggressive with these people. I do get angry when they show indifference. I was thinking a lot about why I get so angry,  the frustration is a huge part of the anger.  I hate it when I hear “All I did was use a Google image…” or “you should feel complimented”. I understand the intention of the compliment comment. What gets me mad is I find myself asking “Why should I do new work when someone is just going to take it anyway?” That is the thing that most people do not understand. By having my artwork stolen so much, I sometime feel that there is no reason to keep doing new work, someone will eventually try to take it. The reason I get so angry is these people unknowingly are sapping my will to make art…….and that is what is really angering me

This is the second “artist” I have found in a week who has claimed my image as his own art. The name of the thief is “Diesel’s Artistic Creations”  This is an American from New Jersey! He has a Tumblr page. Tumblr is notorious for allowing rampant thieving, every one of my image that have had the credits remove are found on Tumblr. I spend time every week requesting that my credits be added. This is the perfect example of why I need to be so vigilant, I need to guard my artwork from people who have the absolute shame of stealing artwork and calling it theirs. He describes this as  “Art Page & A Collection of my Hand-Drawn Works”  On his Tumblr page he has a disclaimer: NOTE◇ I am in no way affiliated with, and/or the owner of any images or likenesses of the subject matter contained within said works. All copyrights belong to the individual persons or companies. What does that mean?   I received a message from this person. He explained that he never intended to imply that the artwork was his, though he had place his business name on top my image. He was using my image because he had found it on a Google search and it fit what he was trying to do in his business promotion. Of course I think it would been wiser of him if he had used his own artwork, something that he actually created himself. He said I was bad mouthing him but all I did was use his own descriptions in this blog post.  Eventually he did apologize and I accept his apology. He never removed the image from his Tumblr blog even though he said he had. I had to send a DMCA letter to Tumblr to have it removed. But for thinking that anything on the internet is free for the taking——Shame of you Diesel Artistic Expressions

Link for my artwork: https://www.etsy.com/listing/78498827/inquisition-raven-bird-crow-series-hand

Here is links for Diesel’s Artistic Creations :



My "Inquisition" stolen again

My “Inquisition” stolen again


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