RAMAZAN HUY, the worst type of image thief

My etching “Inquisition” has been stolen more then any of my images. https://www.etsy.com/listing/78498827/inquisition-raven-bird-crow-series-hand

In 2011 I put it on a “safe” members only site for printmakers. I didn’t have it watermarked but within a month it was replaced with a watermark, however the image did have my signature and title included which was cropped off and now the image is now circulating the internet and being used without my credits.  I have to do frequent image searches to find out who is using my images without permission. Most of the image thieves are rock bands who are using my artwork for free on posters and for free on CD covers. I have also found poets and writers using it as well. Musician, designers, writers and poets are all aware that it is unethical to use art without permission. Today I found the WORST incidence of image theft. I found a “designer” who used my artwork in a poster . He also put his signature on my artwork, claiming it as his own. ABSOLUTELY UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!! He also has used copyrighted photos by Steve Keros,

What really irks me is he as a Faculty member – DOKUZ EYLÜL UNIVERSITY FACULTY OF FINE ARTS . This is the most blatant, and outright theft that I have ever seen. This guy is a disgrace!!!!!!!
update: I received a FaceBook message. He is Turkish and he doesn’t speak English. No excuse! He took the FaceBook  images down without an apology or explanation.  A real piece of work, Shame on you  RAMAZAN HUY!!!
July 1 update: I received an apology from him today. However I never got an explanation for his adding his signature on my artwork.. Google translator has trouble converting Turkish to English and viscera. All I got through the translator was that he loved the image. That is not a real explanation!!

facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/RAMAZAN-HUY/460682164001646?ref=br_tf

his poster with my raven image

his poster with my raven image

RAMAZAN HUY attempting to steal my artwork

RAMAZAN HUY attempting to steal my artwork, with his signature on my artwork!!!


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