This is a very new discovery. It is a Russian T-shirt company. Unfortunately Russia is not a participant  in the international copyright treaties…. not surprise really. Here are the screen shots of the offenders with their stolen image of “Inquisition” ( link to my artwork: ). I have sent emails to them but I don’t know if it will do any good. This isn’t my first problem with Russian Image thieves.

Follow up: Never received a reply to emails. I sent a DMCA letter. Apparently Russia is a signer of the treaty but enforcement is sketchy. I think I have begun to realize that I need to start marketing my own images with my name on them. This might be a way to reach more people and it is a way to control my copyright.

March 14, 2014 follow-up: after several emails. a DMCA letter, and two weeks of waiting the offender removed the t-shirts

Black Metal ShirtsBlack Metal ShirtsBlack Metal Shirts


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