Avoid this Cancun Bar- British Bar Cancun

Avoid this Cancun Bar- British Bar Cancun

rude image thief

rude image thief

I discovered this image theft about a week to late. I really wished that I found it before the event, and forced the issue of copyright before the show date. When I find most image theft it is well after the show dates and it is “after the fact” and the offenders are apologetic but they take on the attitude that the event has already taken place, so there isn’t anything they can do now.

The stolen image is my etching “Inquisition” https://www.etsy.com/listing/78498827/inquisition-raven-bird-crow-series-hand 

The thieves are Mexican: British Pub Cancun (they have renamed themselves BRITISH BAR CANCUN), Black Feet Revolution, D1 N1, and PURPLE PIG. The event took place at British Bar Cancun so I contacted them through their Facebook page. I posted my comment to the image which they stole and added a link to my own artwork. I was not rude. I said they used my artwork without my permission and that they needed to contact me ASAP. I got a Spanish reply when translated said “ The bands are responsible for the poster, don’t fucking bother us”.. Really, that is what they said!!  Now, I was not mad until I received that reply. I enlisted friends who are Spanish speakers and they unleashed a tidal wave of posts.  One of my friends is a Band promoter and a Spanish speaker, she was brilliant. She just would not back down, Black feet Revolution was the only band to respond and they were respectful and apologetic, but British Pub Cajun, was clueless. They kept insisting that it wasn’t their fault. I finally posted a response which said “this is very typical of these music venues, they use my artwork but blame the bands, the bands blame the promoter, and the promoter blames the band. It is disgusting’ What was so infuriating was none of these people would admit their mistakes.  

It amazes me that people who consider themselves artist are so disrespectful. The music industry has done a great job protecting their copyright. However they have not even considered that visual artists have the same rights and performing artists.

I have a DMCA complaint with each of their Facebook pages as well as a couple webpages that promote their music and are using my artwork.

Here are the Facebook pages of these people. I think they deserve shaming. If you go to Cancun avoid this bar

British Pub Cancun- https://www.facebook.com/BritishBarCancun?ref=hl

D1 N1https://www.facebook.com/DeUnOeNuNo

THE BLACK FEET REVOLUTIONhttps://www.facebook.com/theblackfeetrevolution?fref=ts




I just received an apology from- DeUnoEnUno

Just for make you clear this problem. We just played there. We feel sorry about the promoting organization stoled your work. We respect it, but as you have your work, this is our work. It’s easy to sell shows to bands without noticing this is anybody else’s work. If we knew that this was yours we wouldn’t used it. Hope you understand this is not our fault.


 My reply

I hope you understand that I have had dozens of bands do this to me, all claim that it isn’t their fault. No one is willing to take the blame so I have no choice but fault all involved. Thank you for your note, I will add the apology in the blog. Please remember that visual and performing artist need to respect copyright otherwise we loose everything

I got this from The Black Feet Revolution:
we are very sorry for this situation. But you must know, this band is not responsible for this image. We make music and we play it where ever somebody call us. We’ve been trying to contact the people in charge to extend a proper response about this missunderetood. As long we can do is to give your credit in the picture or cut this image from our fanpage. Pls understand now is weekend and is difficult to get in contact to clarify this situation. Pls accept our apologizes, this is an independent band from Mexico, take for sure that is impossible for us to obtain any money about this situation. We think your acting is to fast. Pls tell us what can we do for you. Greetings. BFR

I also received a kind apology from PURPLE PIG. So that leave the Bar owner……..

I never received any apology from British Pub Cajun. Remember, he told me that the bands had designed the poster that was promoting his bar and then his rude F*** off. Well this is what he posted in response to my many friend hammering him with comments –

We will not apologize of those calling l us thieves without knowing the merits of the case. That exist the inbox… guilt have us of the band making their flyers? Pretty late and please now stop bothering.

the translator is rough but it sounds like he doesn’t want to apologize for making flyers- remember this is the guy who blames the bands for making the flyers. I think it is also funny that they changed the name of the place from BRITISH PUB CANCUN to BRITISH BAR CANCUN, maybe people have noticed this post?


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