Terezka Hellová of T-Hell. Twice stole my images!!

This is one of the most blatant example of piracy I have found. The stolen image is my etching “Inquisition” https://www.etsy.com/listing/78498827/inquisition-raven-bird-crow-series-hand . This woman is selling my artwork on her bags!! The image did once have a copyright credit but it has been removed.  I added a watermark to my images but these older images are still being used without my knowledge.  I have attempted to contact her several times but she isn’t reading my emails or she is ignoring them.  I will be attempting to take legal action against her.  She is Czech. She has my my image on her bags on two sites. I finally got her to respond to a Facebook post. I also filed a DMCA complaint. I expressed my anger at the fact that I work hard to make my art and she had no right to profit from it. I asked how much money she made from my art. Her response “Sorry the bag was deleted” Sorry? for what stealing my art or “Sorry” for getting caught!!!!


she deleted the image


she deleted the image

her profile page:





NOVEMBER 15, 2013

This woman is clueless! I used a DMCA to get my artwork removed and in just over two months she is at it again. This time it is jewelry.

I went through her shop and contacted over 20 artists whose artwork was being used. I have heard from most of them and they never approved or gave consent for her to use the art.  I  want to embarrass this woman. Her Shop is T-Hell. If you browse her shop you will notice that all of the work is other artist work re-packages, stolen copyrighted images.  Her name is Terezka Hellová. Her shop address is


she deleted the image


she deleted the image

her shop:


her Facebook page:


here is the item:


T-Hell Shop

Terezka Hellová of T-Hell , shame on you!!


One thought on “Terezka Hellová of T-Hell. Twice stole my images!!

  1. this is madness, i didnt approve my owl skull either, i think that watermarks destroy images i wanna show people but i never thought any1 would use the to make profit. its not the first time ive been used by this criminal people=/
    thanks for letting me know, but dont think there is much to do

    Unibody deviantart

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