During one of my internet searches I found my image used in a online Greek magazine that was not credited. The image that they used had been cropped, it originally had my signature with print title and date. Normally if one’s photograph is used in a printed or online magazine, payment is expected. It isn’t usually much but it is something for compensations. I contacted the magazine, After a little prodding they did credit me for my artwork. However when I asked for the customary compensation, I never heard anything else from them. What really irked me was this company should have known better

here is my letter to them:

I apologize that this is in English, Greek translator programs are unreliable.
I discovered one of my art pieces was used without my knowledge or permission was used by <>  for a feature on Goth subculture. I had to contact The Newsbeast  twice through Facebook in September and October to get a credit, which they eventually did add. My artwork is often pirated my rock bands and publications because they are simply to lazy to do a Google image search to find the copyright owner. Most of the time I do not ask for payment but your news organization should know better so would like to know if I am entitled to a nominal fee for the use of my artwork.
here is the link:

here is a link to my artwork with my copyright statement at the bottom of the description

 The image that was used was an older one which did not have my watermark, but it DID have my signature as seen in the link. The signature was cropped out.  Since April I have found over 300 instances of people using my art without permission.  What I find so frustrating is most people understand that Film, Music, and Television are copyrighted and know that it is illegal to copy. Print and literature is also copyrighted and to copy someone’s written word is plagiarism also a violation of copyright (it would get any journalist fired or a student expelled from school) . Photography is copyrighted and photos are credited. Buy somehow the visual arts (drawing, painting, printmaking) are ignored. Some people think any artwork found online is open source. I am tired of it!! A good reporter verifies sources, please verify copyrights.
I did an image search on the other images  found in the article. All but mine were copyright free wallpaper or open source.
I am still awaiting a reply

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