Punk party

   This one is another music event which used my artwork without my permission. The artwork used was my “Inquisition” . I have been looking fairly regularly for thieves and this one slipped though most of my searches. The event just ended, I would love to find one like this before the event. The event lasted two nights. at first I thought  the bands were not at fault here. I was wrong. I found the In Ruff has a Facebook page and they seem to be planning to use my artwork for their next CD.  I can have the images remove from the Facebook page but not the Club Exit site. I will attempt to have it removed but I am not sure if they are part of the international treaty and the DMCA. So if there are any Croatian speakers who would like to give ’em hell. here is the link;

Club Exit- shame of you!!!

574987_588262264536184_553831208_n Update: I received an email from the designer who created the posters. he excepted full responsibility.  He apologized profusely for not checking copyright and for using the image. He offered compensation, assured me the band is not using my art fro CD cover and removed the disputed images.


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