The Forgiven


An honest and sincere apology goes a long way. – Burning Bright, Viva Belgrado, and Mademoiselle X

I found several posters of my Raven on a Clam shell used by these bands and believed it was another great example of how the music industry totally ignores the visual artist. I found the poster advertising a past concert on-line in Spain. One has to assume that dozens of online images of a concert in should involve lots of money. I believed that these bands were like so many others who take without asking with no regard for the visual artist. I have been in touch with people involved and believe that my image was used, regrettably, without my consent but the concert and people involved with it had their hearts in the right place. I have been assured that it was a benefit concert and that any payment was minimal, (gas and food) most were doing the concert as volunteers.  I think the person who designed the poster learned that he needs to investigate images before using them.  While I was very angry about the use of my artwork, I think have made new friends.

Damn French Desserts – an Etsy shop


I think these were of the first people to use my artwork without my permission. I was alerted that someone on Etsy was using my Raven images for stationary envelopes. I was really shocked because I have my art on Etsy. I contacted them and let them know that I was not happy. They were horrified too. Apparently the envelopes were a special request for party invitations. The woman who requested the envelopes used what she believed were copyright free images. My image is NOT copyright free! She found my art on the ridiculous free-for-all known as Tumblr. They assumed that they were old illustrations, they never checked to see who created them. After they created the party invitations they added a few to their Etsy shop. Once I contacted them they removed the items and apologized profusely. They sent me the remainder of the inventory as a gift and added the label with my name. They were very nice people!

Lovely Dark _ Territories _ Booklet_1 The Lovely Dark

I found my Raven being used for a CD cover and I contacted them to let them know that I was not pleased. It turns out that a member of the band had bought one of my prints the year before. He asked if he could use it “with his music” I said yes, sure. I didn’t know he meant for his CD cover. Once he mentioned that he asked, I remembered something about it but had to go through my old messages to really remember. I let him know that it might have been a good idea to let me know how my artwork was being used. The band is from Minneapolis and they sent me a copy of the CD with all of the printed material. It is a very elegant design and the use of my raven was stunning.   This is an example of how important communication is!!


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