Russian Thieves: Erida’s Garden, Eora, The Peace is There, Eneer

when the birds fly

This was a concert that took place this spring 2013. The artwork used was my “Inquisition” I actually found out about this in March and attempted to contact the bands and promoter before the event to no avail. These are Russian Bands with English names. The Concert event was a Russian Concert event ” When The Birds Fly” again a Russian event with English names. When I first contacted then I thought.. language barrier.. but then wait..Russian bands and Russian Event with English names..yes they did understand my emails, they just chose to ignore them. So, AGAIN, musicians stealing visual art images. I filed a DMCA claims against them, believe it or not, Russia honors the International Treaty On Intellectual Property. Their Poster looks rough and handmade, it isn’t. It appeared on many websites in Russia and eastern Europe.

so… Erida’ Garden, Eora, The Peace is There, Eneer and the promoters of “When The Birds Fly”, shame on all of you


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