Wobble Party #15 and Frederico Godô in Rio


I was not sure what to think when I saw this monstrosity. http://partybusters.virgula.uol.com.br/agenda/wobble-7/ This is actually an example of doubled image piracy, the “designer” used my artwork twice to create this image. The image was used to promote a party. It sounds innocent enough but the image is on a site that is a party promoter, called “Party Buster” and another caller “Wobble” in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil . https://www.facebook.com/festawobble The person who designed it is an Art Director, Frederico Godô- he should know better.  So obviously some money had to have been exchanged or made.  I found the image on 6 different web sites and on Facebook all connected to the vivid Rio night life. They said it didn’t make much money, that isn’t really the point. An real apology goes a long way.

my artwork: https://www.etsy.com/listing/78498827/inquisition-raven-bird-crow-series-hand


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