opphan cage

Here is another good example of rock bands using visual art with no concern for copyright.  The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) of 1998 was initiated by the music and film industry to protect intellectual property. The law has its flaws but it does what it was supposed to, protect artists copyrights which includes digital film and analog film, digital and analog video, digital and analog music, digital and analog photography, and traditional visual arts (painting, sculpture drawing, painting..) It assures that an artist retains the intellectual copyright of his or her work.

As an artist  my work widely “appropriated” or pirated Ironically the wort offenders are not teens using artwork but rather writer, publishers using “free” internet art for books,  magazines, or other publications, They make no effort to find the owner. Musicians are the worst offenders, using artists work for promotional material or CD covers with no concern for the artist.

This band is from Savannah Georgia. They are called THE ORPHAN CAGE. They used my image for their promotional material without my permission. I was not paid for the use of my image. They had my artwork on both Facebook and Tumblr. I contacted them on both of these sites and they didn’t have the decency  to respond. I send DMCA letter to both sites to have my image removed. Link to my artwork:



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