The Underground Bards

Remember how there was a fuss about copyright infringement coming from the music industry when digital downloads began? The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) of 1998 was initiated by the music and film industry to protect intellectual property. The law has its flaws but it does what it was supposed to, protect artists copyrights which includes digital film and analog film, digital and analog video, digital and analog music, digital and analog photography, and traditional visual arts (painting, sculpture drawing, painting..) It assures that an artist retains the intellectual copyright of his or her work.

As an artist  my work widely “appropriated” or pirated Ironically the worst offenders are not teens using artwork  rather writer, publishers using “free” internet art for books,  magazines, or other publications, They make no effort to find the owner. Musicians are the worst offenders, using artists work for promotional material or CD covers with no concern for the artist. Not a cent goes to the artwork, shame on them!!!

This was one of my least pleasant pirates. It is a rock band named The Underground Bards. I found them when I was doing an image search using Firefox Copyright Infringement Finder add-on. The image is my etching “Inquisition” This search can only be used for images already on-line. Google Image Search can be used for on-line or images on your computer. Both will find most of the related images.  So I found the underground Bards and sent them response. I found a website with contact links and music downloads, I sent them an email through this site…no response. Finally I found them on Facebook here our conversation:

3c9f10be10097aa6d07d004cac786460-general 073

Me:  why have you used my artwork without permission? (with link to my artwork)

Underground Bards:  listen man!!! i already apologize, i sent you a message… i already remove it !! we didn´t made that picture.. so this is the last time i tell you…!!! stop fucking around ass!!

Me: I never received any message from you. This image appears on riff111. I have a reason to be concerned about it

UB; this band doesn´t exist anymore!!!! we´re not using it!! so fuck off

Me:  it was ever so pleasant to talk with you. you are one happy, special, guy. Good luck

So that is my first experience with trying to regain control over my own artwork. I had to use the DMCA to force them to remove my artwork which they were using to sell their music.

Band Members: Edward Alexander,

Oscar López


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